FG. Freaks

Presenting candies of Wonka’s rival: Fickelgruber (FG.).

FG. Freaks™ are slightly sour, crunchy hard candies similar to Nerds® but bigger and with a bumpy shell.  They are made with natural flavors and natural colors.

Currently, all the assortments are offered exclusively in-store.  Please visit our little shop in Brooklyn where you can find these and other treats.

Assortments — updated 10/12

FG. Freaks in BOXES
  1. Gothic Grape, Black Berry, Ashen Acai & Slate Strawberry
  2. Orange & Peach
  3. Strawberry & Acai Berry
  4. Hibiscus & Elderflower
  5. Violet & Lavender
FG. Freaks in BOTTLES
  1. Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Peach & Orange
  2. BLACK EDITION: Gothic Grape, Blackberry, Ashen Acai Berry & Slate Strawberry

KAVA Freaks*
  1. Blueberries & Strawberries
  2. Coconut Ash Strawberry

* Kava Freaks are an adult variety made with kava root.  The taste is slightly bitter, numbs the tongue, and helps relieve stress and anxiety.