A Short History Through Images

fickelgruber_non-melting_ice_creamEnjoy Fickelgruber’s NON-MELTING ICE CREAM (1964)

fickelgruber_la-do-reFICKELGRUBER’S LA DO REĀ (1971)

fickelgruber_fudgesFICKELGRUBER’S FUDGES (1971)

fickelgruber_ice_creamFICKELGRUBERĀ ICE CREAM (2005)

fickelgruber_never_melting_ice_creamFickelgruber NEVER MELTING ICE CREAM (2005)

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Excerpts


‘All the other chocolate makers, you see, had begun to grow jealous of the wonderful sweets that Mr Wonka was making, and they started sending in spies to steal his secret recipes. The spies took jobs in the Wonka factory, pretending that they were ordinary workers, and while they were there, each one of them found out exactly how a certain special thing was made.’

‘And did they go back to their own factories and tell?’ asked Charlie.’

‘They must have,’ answered Grandpa Joe, ‘because soon after that, Fickelgruber‘s factory started making an ice cream that would never melt, even in the hottest sun. Then Mr Prodnose‘s factory came out with a chewing-gum that never lost its flavour however much you chewed it. And then Mr Slugworth‘s factory began making sugar balloons that you could blow up to huge sizes before you popped them with a pin and gobbled them up.’


‘This is the most important room in the entire factory!’ he said. ‘All my most secret new inventions are cooking and simmering in here! Old Fickelgruber would give his front teeth to be allowed inside just for three minutes! So would Prodnose and Slugworth and all the other rotten chocolate makers! But now, listen to me! I want no messing about when you go in! No touching, no meddling, and no tasting! Is that agreed?’